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About #hpm

What is #hpm?

Celebrating over three years of live online discussions, #hpm is the hashtag for the hospice and palliative medicine community on Twitter. The #hpm TweetChat was launched on July 14, 2010 as a way to bring people together for a live discussion every week and build a community dedicated to increasing public awareness about issues in palliative care and hospice. Today #hpm is a vibrant community which has generated over 150 million impressions through Twitter for hospice and palliative care with over 100,000 thousand tweets.

Who is #hpm?

The #hpm community has people from all over the country and even some international participants. The backgrounds and interests are very diverse, including, nurses, sociologists, physicians, hospice or palliative care patient's family members, health policy professors, entrepreneurs, social workers, healthcare executives, human rights advocacy organizations, hospital departments, healthcare organizations, chaplains and online community advocates. Learn more about how and why to participate in #hpm TweetChat.

How is #hpm managed?

#hpm is currently managed by a group of volunteers within the community. Participants take turns moderating the weekly interdisciplinary forum on Twitter and choose three topics for the discussion.

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