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About hcsmSV

What is hcsmSV?

hcsmSV is a community dedicated to bringing people together to discuss opportunities for health innovation. Fundamentally we think innovations in healthcare delivery and individual empowerment for health implementation will emerge from bringing diverse perspectives to the table about how to do things differently. Any individual that's been to a doctor's office (and even those that have not) has unique insight into opportunities for improvement.

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How did hcsmSV start?

hcsmSV was founded in a Silicon Valley coffee shop by Renee Berry and Erin Macartney in the Summer of 2010 with a goal to open conversations about social media and healthcare in the Bay Area’s world renowned environment of entrepreneurship.

hcsmSV was inspired by the original (#hcsm) healthcare communications and social media TweetChat started by Dana Lewis in 2009, and since that time, several other geo-chapters have been launched around the world to continue the conversation in new ways. The Health Care Social Media Silicon Valley community has not launched a TweetChat, but instead has attended events, participated in online conversations and hosted local meetings to generate in-person discussions about the many opportunities for change and innovation in healthcare and health communications.

hcsmSV Community Focus

  • Encourage health organizations to care about service excellence for each individual’s experience and empower people to implement health
  • Facilitate an open a community environment of people interested in social health, embracing new and traditional media to encourage health literacy, access to quality information and community engagement
  • Connect the innovative energy of Silicon Valley to improve health systems

We hope to continue opening conversations about why social media in healthcare is important and how it can be utilized for advocacy, public health and patient empowerment.

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