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Jessica Sachs


Jessica Sachs has served in a variety of roles film, behavioral therapy, anthropology and social media communications.

Jessica is currently designing earned media education curriculum and spearheads analysis of client web sites for intuitive navigation and optimal user experience.

On top of serving clients, Jessica is leading community management for Health Care Social Media Silicon Valley and working on development of an Edible Education Community.

Most recently, Jessica Sachs worked in social media communications at KLXmedia as the Director of Public Engagement where she first started working with Renee Berry.

Jessica completed a dissertation on the social environment of an urban food garden in the inner city of Johannesburg while receiving her Masters of Science in Anthropology, Environment and Development at the University of London.
Jessica served as the Lead Instructor as a Behavioral Therapist for FirstSteps for Kids where she facilitated training on leadership skills to colleagues and applied one to one applied behavioral analysis treatment programs for children with autism in both their home and school environments.

After receiving her undergraduate degree in political science from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Jessica worked as a producer for a documentary about AIDS in Africa called Into the Light. She designed and led implementation of the fundraising campaign that made the film possible and managed sound operations and filming schedules in Tanzania during production.

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