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Public Engagement

What is public engagement?

Public engagement is the design and maintenance of a participatory audience.

Why is public engagement increasingly important today?

New media platforms are based on the ability to engage an audience. Traditional one way messaging is not effective on social platforms. If you're interested in learning more about the importance of online platforms please visit our resources.

BeMoRe specializes in public engagement strategies for organizations and individuals. Please feel free to reach out and ask us questions or learn more about our services for organizations.

Is public engagement a fancy term for marketing?

While successful public engagement can achieve many of the objectives of marketing there are very important  distinguishing factors.

  • Marketing is based on sending one way messages to an audience
  • Public engagement encourages participation from the audience
  • The goal of marketing is for an audience to consume messages
  • The goal of public engagement is for the audience to comment & give feedback
  • Marketing can be effectively outsourced
  • Public engagement is most effective with an authentic voice from a passionate individual or organization