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Consulting Services

There may be a lot of buzz about social media, but what’s behind all of these social platforms? Often, even with a Facebook page, the depth of an organization is not reflected in their online presence and as new platforms and tools emerge it’s extremely difficult to evaluate the most valuable place to spend time.

Analyze Strategy

 Our work with clients begins with an assessment of the organization’s current outreach (including both online and offline) strategies. Our team not only has an extensive understanding of these new platforms, we also spend most of our day helping people use them.


Build Competencies

Every single person on your team does not need to spend time on every social network out there, but who should spend time doing what for strategic social media? BeMoRe Consulting specializes in identifying roles and building staff competencies tailored to advancing outcomes.

Measure Progress

If people are spending professional time with a project or activity there should be ways to identify not only the value of their work but also the development and progress towards goals. BeMoRe Consulting helps team, managers and executives learn benchmarks for identifying progress and empowers the team leading public engagement with dynamic social reporting tools.