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BeMoRe Sponsorship Policy

This policy is intended to outline the expectations of  the relationships of BeMoRe, communities, sponsors, advertisers and community editorial boards. All BeMoRe relationships with sponsors and advertisers must be consistent with the principles outlined in this policy statement.

To further our mission of facilitating open and cross-organizational collaboration on public benefit initiatives BeMoRe does accept advertising and sponsorship to fund and sustain operations.

BeMoRe is committed to maintaining ethical relationships with organizations sponsoring communities. Community editorial boards are maintained to ensure sponsors do not appoint content suggestions that would be seen as direct marketing for any one service or organization and are not contributing to engaging community content.

BeMoRe reserves the right to  refuse any advertisement that we believe is inconsistent with our mission.  BeMoRe expects a commitment of integrity from sponsors and advertisers that they will not make disputable claims to suggest BeMoRe has endorsed their organization, service or product in some way. BeMoRe will refuse any advertisement or sponsorship that we believe has not honored or may not honor a commitment to understanding and implementing this policy or that we believe in any way is incompatible with our organization’s mission. No endorsement from BeMoRe is implied for a product, service or company that has an advertisement or sponsorship with BeMoRe.

Acknowledgments will be made when a sponsor or advertiser is contributing to community content. 

Community sponsors and advertisers understand any suggested content is subject to review and approval by the community editorial board. Sponsors are expected at all times to be maintaining a commitment to adding value to the community conversation when suggesting any type of content for community discussion. In collaboration with the community editorial board, BeMoRe reserves the right to approve and disapprove of any suggested material or topics by community sponsors.